A High Fashion Wedding with an Old World Aesthetic

Picture saying your “I dos” surrounded by history but with a modern twist.

That’s exactly what Santana and Troy did at the Ancient Spanish Monastery. The Aesthetic was Old World so choosing a venue with tons of old-world charm was everything.

Designed by the Bride Santana Adelita, Planned by A Love for Detail, and Photographed by Paula Jackson

The Ancient Spanish Monastery as our Backdrop

The Ancient Spanish Monastery is a historical gem in Miami, offering the perfect mix of dramatic flair and cozy intimacy for Santana and Troy’s wedding day. They embraced a minimalist and intentional yet breathtaking style in their wedding design.

As they laid eyes on the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Monastery—a 12th-century Spanish cloister meticulously transported to the United States in pieces—they instantly recognized it as the ideal setting to bring their secret garden dream to life.

Santana’s venue choice influenced every choice, from the wedding gown to the color palette. Beyond its unique location, the Ancient Spanish Monastery boasts over 20 lush gardens featuring rare palms, Spanish oaks, and vibrant flowering trees. These meticulously landscaped grounds, set against the historic architecture, made the space look perfect.

ornate floral arch adorning the entrance to the spanish monastery with a variety of roses and greenery.

A Palette of Natural Hues

Santana’s bouquet perfectly mixed old-world with a dash of modern. It featured anthuriums that added a tropical vibe, set against rich sage and plum tones—simple yet striking. This blend paid homage to their Miami locale and brought a fresh twist to the traditional wedding bouquet, making it both memorable and stylish.

We used neutral colors for the rest of the wedding florals, going for a wild, organic look. The flowers were arranged in stone and ceramic vessels with a splash of gold, creating a rich, textured appearance. The color palette was soothing with shades of sage, bone, and a pop of dark plum, plus a hint of blue for nostalgia. From foraged greens to cherry blossom branches and anthuriums, the floral selections brought a small tropical nod to Miami, tying everything beautifully together and keeping the vibe effortlessly chic.

Effortless Chic at the Ancient Spanish Monastery

The combination of earthy sage and rich plum colors brought a deep, vibrant contrast, while the anthuriums added a splash of the tropics. This mix wasn’t just stunning; it was a relaxed, stylish nod to Santana’s personal style and the lush surroundings, tying everything together in a laid-back yet sophisticated way.

From Ceremony to Party Keeping It Real

The wedding flowed smoothly from a stunning floral arch at the cloister’s entrance to a chic, minimalist reception. For the ceremony , the aisle was filled with florals and petals and the Oak Tree became the backdrop of their Ceremony.

At the reception, Santana went for a light and breezy vibe, creating an airy, ethereal feel at the tables. She used subtle blue accents and clear glassware that complemented dry and fresh florals, adding a delicate touch to the setup. The overall decor was simple yet effective, relying on the natural beauty of the venue and the thoughtful placement of minimalistic elements to set a relaxed, enchanting mood for the evening.

table end floral design wild and branchy at the spanish monastery.
I get teary eyed when I think about the beautiful florals that the Simple Florals team dreamed up for my wedding. They were beyond my expectations. When I said “secret garden” theme, they understood the assignment and poured love and expertise into every detail of the florals, vessels and candles.

Looking Back: Pure Magic

Looking back on Santana and Troy’s wedding, they nailed the vibe they were going for.

Their minimalist style and the monastery’s historic charm hit the sweet spot between timeless and trendy.

They made history feel hip and happening, turning their big day into a laid-back yet unforgettable celebration that perfectly blended the old with the new.




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