European Romance at Miami’s Vizcaya Gardens

Jessica and Marcos were the kind of couple who gave us their full trust—and we loved it!

As creatives, they had a clear vision with a few favorite colors, a single inspiration picture, and three words: “European,” “Romantic,” and “Fresh and Young.” Thus, we grabbed those ideas and hit the ground running.

Planned by The House of Gather, and Photographed by Phosphilic

The Magic of Vizcaya

Vizcaya’s courtyard is a cool mix of old-world architecture and lush, tropical vibes, thanks to its modern glass ceiling that keeps everything pristine. It’s like stepping into a European garden party with tropical plants and orchids at this indoor garden wedding.

Their “European Romance” moodboard nailed it, drawing on Vizcaya’s enchanting inspo to set a romantic, timeless vibe. Also, whether day or night, the place makes any event feel extra special, perfectly blending history with the beauty of nature.

A Palette of Natural Hues

We picked a chill, natural color palette for the wedding flowers—think cappuccinos, soft pinks, and other neutrals, all grounded with a smooth brown that tied everything together.

This earthy mix was perfectly highlighted with sleek gold and stone elements that echoed Vizcaya’s classic charm, giving the blooms a little extra pop at this Vizcaya wedding inspiration.

Once we nailed down the vibe, we introduced some emerald greens to give the arrangements a wilder, airier feel. Following this, with the design set, we could tailor the floral details to the wedding’s needs, ensuring everything was spot-on for their big day.


Flowers That Whisper Romance

We kept the bouquets low-key but stunning, playing with shades of cappuccino, soft pinks, and deep brown. These hues were a perfect fit, echoing the venue’s style and the laid-back mood of the day.

The flowers—Dahlias, Lisianthus, Ranunculus, Queen Anne, Clematis, Scabiosa, and Peonies—were all about creating that chill vibe. Thus, they came together in a relaxed yet eye-catching mix, blending in beautifully and making a subtle statement.

From Ceremony to Party Keeping It Real

The ceremony setup was a total knockout in the courtyard under a huge glass ceiling.

We crafted an epic half-moon arch from greens and flowers, appearing as if naturally sprouting from the floor.

Additionally, we reused those same florals to deck out the area around the DJ during the reception—nothing wasted, all perfectly planned.

The aisle kicked off at the top of a grand staircase for the ceremony and stretched down onto the classic tile floor.

Right at the end was this massive, grounded half-moon filled with fresh, foraged greens and blooms, all arranged to look like they were sprouting from the ground itself.

We surrounded the space with a mix of antique gold and stone vases and lit the place with tons of neutral-toned candles, setting a laid-back yet stunning scene.

Looking Back: Pure Magic

Overall, we were thrilled with how everything came together.

Integrating the venue’s natural beauty into our floral designs was a dream.

Everything was crafted with intention, focusing on the day’s romantic essence and ensuring each element felt natural and right in place. Consequently, it was exactly what we hoped for—a celebration that felt as organic as enchanting.


Planner: @thehouseofgather
Florals: @simpleflorals

Venue: @vizcaya_museum

Photog: @phosphilic

Photo booth: @dippphotobooth

Mua: @junkiebride, @glamsquad

Rentals: @simplerustic

Catering: @arietehospitality




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