Minimalist Earth Toned Wedding

A family home transformed into a clean and minimalist space, with earth tones of sand, khaki, camel and some pops of toffee set a beautiful backdrop to this Miami wedding.

The beautiful couple Daniela and Noah exchange vows in a chic and intimate backyard soirée in their family home in Miami.

After multiple changes due to covid including size and venue changes, they decided to ultimately keep the style they were looking for and get married in their family’s home.

The Wedding

Couple / Daniela & Noah
Location / The Savoy in Miami Beach & Family home in Miami

The Style and theme were always meant to be neutral and earth toned to complement the couple’s chic minimalist vibe.

The Aesthetic

Minimalist , Earth Toned & Neutral

Color Palette

Overall a Neutral palette, with earth tones. Sand, Khaki, Camels and some pops of Toffee hues. We also included some pops of Saffron, Brown and Pink.

Floral Design

We brought in Cosmos and a beautiful rust toned celosia from Providence.

For Flowers, we used hellebores, strawflowers, ranunculus , double tulips and and even dahlias. Secondary florals included this delicious café-toned carnations, and queen anne lace in brown.

For what I call “frill” we used explosion grass and many foraged buds as well as Sea Oats from my neighborhood in Miami Beach.

Lunaria was one of her favorites, so we used that on her plates for every guest.

Neutral Bridesmaid bouquets


For the Bouquet we did a loose and and wild design with a focus on maintaining the tones we wanted. For him, we created a bout.


We designed three options for the couple and ultimately this fountain ceremony design with foraged pampas grass was Noah’s favorite and won out.
We used pampas grass and dried plants and florals to create the look.


When Daniela and I had our design meeting, we suggested the use of a beautiful warm and sand colored linen to really make the space intimate and warm. For the look, we added a mix of minimalist arrangements and bud vases in the middle of the long tables. We kept a romantic with a soft look of our soft egg shaped tea lights in brass.




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